CLC-AFO, a Council of Local 504

At the general meeting on 17 Sept 2005, we adjuncts discussed affiliation with Local 504, and an election in October made that affiliation official. IFT’s Local 504, the Lake County Federation of Teachers, is a Gurnee-based Federated Local within the Illinois Federation of Teachers. Federated Local 504 consists of unions, like ours, that consolidate the housekeeping of their organizations and pool their resources. These unions (which are called “Councils” within Local 504) share the critical infrastructure of full-time staff, the building in Gurnee on Ambrogio Drive, and a smooth-running financial system. Each council remains entirely independent with respect to their bylaws, their organizations, and their negotiations with employers. Of course, Local 504’s is carefully supervised by an Executive Board, with representatives from your union in attendance.