Implications of The Janus Decision

In light of last week’s unfortunate, yet anticipated, Supreme Court ruling in favor of Janus v. AFSCME,  CLC-AFO needs to warn you that there is a well orchestrated  machine funded by anti-union people like Governor Rauner, the Koch Brothers, the Illinois Policy Institute, etc. reaching out to members of public sector unions.  These groups have been preparing for the Janus decision and are now reaching out to union members and encouraging them to leave the union. Please be advised that these groups have had a plan in place for nearly a year in anticipation of a Janus decision.


Many members of school districts in Lake County have already been emailed (at school) by the anti-union organization (MY PAY-MY SAY) and already had  robo-calls by these aforementioned organizations reminding them how the Janus decision is a great day for the return of freedom of speech.  Many right to work/anti-labor organizations are going to be misinterpreting the Janus decision by saying that labor is dead, collective bargaining is dead, your pensions are dead, etc.  Ignore that.  The only thing the Janus case settled is that declared fair share employees do not have to pay agency fees.  Fair share adjuncts, now really “free-riders,” get all our hard fought for benefits without paying for the benefits they receive.


Our Union is strong but needs to get stronger.   Our membership drives last fall and this spring made a huge statement to our Board of Trustees and Administration.   As we begin to negotiate our contract, knowing that we have your voice and solidarity at the table is the single most influential tool we use to obtain a fair contract.  Please remember, CLC-AFO gives us a voice in everything we do that impacts our jobs.  If we lose that voice, we lose everything we’ve come to enjoy and everything we seek to gain in the future.


Ignore the rhetoric and “spin” you may hear from anti-union organizations.  Communicate or forward any encounters you experience and feel free to respond to these individuals as you see fit.  You are the Union.  Tell them about the benefits that the CLC-AFO has given you and how you believe in worker’s rights.  Remind them that the Union has given you a fair contract, GFO status, PTO and other benefits.  CLC-AFO stands for freedom and democracy, as your voice and your vote matters in the workplace.  If you receive an email or a robo-call, respond to them by saying what you want and in anyway you want. But please let us know that you are receiving these calls.


More to come on this.  Enjoy your summer and stay strong.


– Brian, Karen, Debbie and Mary