Contract Summary 2023-2027

Compensation (Article 7):

Load Hour Faculty Compensation

I – 3-6 sem$1,271$1,323$1,373$1,414
II – 7-12 sem GFO$1,347$1,403$1,456$1,500
III – 13+ GFO
13-21 GFO ’24+
IV 22+ GFO 2024+N/A$1,453$1,519$1,564

Hourly Faculty Compensation

I – 3-6 sem$52.98$55.15$57.24$58.95
II – 7-12 sem GFO$56.15$58.49$60.70$62.53
III – 13+ GFO 13-21 GFO ’24+$57.49$59.86$62.11$63.99
IV – 22+ GFO 2024+N/A$60.57$63.32$65.20

Personal Leave – PTO (Article 6)

  • GFO adjuncts get 12 hours Personal Leave Fall and Spring; Non-GFO adjuncts get 6 hours Personal Leave Fall and Spring. All adjuncts get 3 hours Personal Leave in Summer.
  • Leave is taken in 1-hour increments, but a 75 or 90-minute class is 1.5 hours.
  • Up to 6 hours Personal Leave may be carried over for purposes of adjunct illness only provided there has been no Break-In-Service.

The Cap:  (Article 4.A.)

  • This is the “load hour” cap, or hourly cap, that adjuncts must not exceed unless given permission by the Vice President.
    • The new contract gives a 12 hour cap Fall and Spring and 8 hours in Summer.
    • Hourly faculty cap of 480 hours Fall and Spring and 320 in Summer.
  1. Professional Development (Article 3) or PLARP (“Professional Learning Activities Reimbursement Plan”)
    • $350 can be used for subscriptions to professional journals, professional association memberships, provided the College does not already subscribe to the publication.
    • Adjunct faculty may use PLARP funds for enrollment in a credit course per year offered by the College, in addition to the tuition waiver if eligible for the tuition waiver.
    • Increase on limits on payment for PLARP activities:
      • Tier I Adjuncts – $700
      • Tier II Adjuncts – $1,200
      • Tier III Adjuncts – $1,400
      • Tier IV Adjunct – $1,600 (starting 2024-2025)
  1. Re-Assignment (Article 4.B.)
    1. All GFO adjuncts are eligible
    2. Attendance at previous In-Service no longer required
    3. Now able to bump lower tier adjunct
  2. Professional Development Recognition Stipend (PDRS).
  • Doctoral stipend. The grandfather is gone. All those with doctoral degrees get the $300 stipend every Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • Substitution Rate – $60 per hour

The full contract is available in PDF form below.

Union Dues:

           2023-2024: (per semester)

                   Quarter Dues – $146.88

                   Eighth Dues – $95.55

If you make more than $5,279 per semester, you pay quarter dues.  If you make $5,279 or less, you pay eighth dues.

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