Janus Decision and the CLC-AFO

The Supreme Court’s Janus decision, which will come down this Spring or Summer, will have major, long-term implications for CLC-AFO and could very well cost us our union and all its benefits.


  • Janus is short for Janus vs AFSCME Council 31, a case pending before the Supreme Court of the United States.
  • The Janus case asks the Supreme Court to rule that paying union dues for non-members (called “fair share fees”) is unconstitutional.

Fair share fees are fees paid for by people who don’t want to be a member of a union,  but it is believed that they should pay their fair share of the costs of bargaining and maintaining a contract.

  • If SCOTUS decides in favor of Janus, current fair share folks would not have to pay dues, BUT WOULD RECEIVE ALL THE BENEFITS AND PROTECTIONS of the CLC-AFO contract (raises, protection, professional growth money, GFO status, etc.).
  • They would essentially become “FREELOADERS.”


  • Currently approximately 50% of our adjunct union are members and 50% are fair share non-members.
  • If current members decide to drop their membership and get “free benefits” (which happened in Indiana and Michigan when this passed) CLC-AFO membership will drop below 50% of adjuncts.
  • CLC then can and will file an “RM Petition” with the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board to decertify CLC-AFO claiming that we no longer represent the majority of adjunct faculty.
  • This would nullify our contract.
  • We Will Lose:
    • Regular raises, let alone any raises at all
    • Personal Days – Paid Time Off
    • Advocacy and Job Protection
    • There are people with us today because the union was able to advocate for them
    • GFO status
    • Professional Growth Money
    • All the benefits of the contract.
    • Our Field Rep Matt LaPierre
  • Even if CLC does not petition to decertify CLC-AFO

We will enter negotiations 2019 severely weakened.


What can you do


Please follow this link for more information on the Janus Decision.