Who can join?

Any adjunct who is teaching credit courses (Ad Ed, Bio, Bus, Comm Arts, EMPS, and Soc Sci.) after …

When can you join?

When you have taught at least 3 credit hours for 3 consecutive semesters (no summers)

How can you join?

contact an officer via CLC email for a membership form-pick one up from the CLC-AFO bulletin board located in the C wing-drop by Local 504 in Gurnee

or get your form here and register online

about the College

  1. How do I access the CLC Intranet from my home computer?
    1. Website: http://clcweb.clcillinois.edu
    2. Logon:
      1. Username: Your CLC email username ( or CLCILLINOIS/username)
      2. Password: Your CLC email password
    3. Click on Adjunct Faculty Resource bold, blue Heading
    4. For other problems, call the IT help desk at ext. 2052
  2. Whom do I contact with questions about my paycheck? You should contact:
    1. your Division/Department Coordinator and/or
    2. Payroll Department ext. 2227
  3. Must I provide my students with a syllabus?
    1. Yes, it is required in all Divisions for several reasons.
      1. First, it is one element of the college’s accreditation criteria.
      2. Second, it is for your protection. A good syllabus describes the class content, grading system, etc. A syllabus can be your defense against student complaints.
      3. Last, the CLC-AFO Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) recognizes that creating a syllabus is an adjunct faculty responsibility.
  4. If my Division provides a syllabus template, must I use it?
    1. No, using templates is not mandatory but some divisions really would like you to.
    2. However, you may want to review it for ideas for your own syllabus.
    3. If you would like more help with syllabus writing, contact the Teaching Learning Education Technology Center
      1. http://tletc.clcillinois.edu
      2. The Center sometimes provides workshops on syllabus-writing.
      3. You will receive a small stipend for attending. ($35/hour)
  5. How can my students contact me?
    1. Use your CLC email account and/or CLC Voice-mail account
    2. Your Division office should provide basic set-up information.
    3. You can also call the IT Help Desk at extension 2052.
    4. Please do not instruct your students to leave messages for you with the Division office.
  6. Must I use my CLC email account?
    1. Yes. This is the primary mode of communication between the college and adjunct faculty.
    2. Failure to use your CLC email means that you will miss out on division deadline, teaching opportunities, important communiqués regarding college policies/information as well as information about job fairs, cultural events, etc. that you may want to share with your students.
    3. Using your CLC e-mail account is also for your protection because of the privacy laws.
  7. What if I’m having problems with my email account?
    1. Contact the IT help desk.
    2. Ext. 2052

Weingarten Rights

Information on CLC-AFO Our contract determines many of the rights and working conditions of our teaching assignments at CLC. There are several other rights and opportunities that don’t appear in the contract. The most important of these rights are called “Weingarten Rights”.

Know Your RightsThe Weingarten Rights Statement: “If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or have any effect on my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer or steward be present at this meeting. Without representation, I choose not to participate in this discussion.

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