Welcome to a New ERA for Adjuncts

This is a very exciting time for CLC adjuncts.  We have a new 4 year contract that is the best contract we have ever had. It includes benefits that many of us never thought we would see in our careers at CLC.  Go to the CONTRACT tab to see some of those wonderful changes.  The actual 2019 – 2023 contract is posted there for reference purposes.

It is also a time to welcome our new officers:  Karen Florian, Erik Solomon, Lynette Thornburgh, and Jessica Hoth.  These people have stepped forward to lead and to advocate for the adjunct faculty.  Their contact information is on the CONTACT US tab.

But it is also the start of a new era for adjunct faculty at CLC.  For years adjunct faculty were barely a “blip” on the College’s radar. But recently we have seen a change for the better, we are more than a “blip.”    Decisions were made without consulting adjunct faculty and many of us felt underappreciated.  But this is the beginning of a time when adjuncts are well represented on faculty senate, are consulted on major decisions, are considered for directorships of departments and segments of the college, we have a brand new state of the art office space, and much, much more. Thanks to work of CLC-AFO our opinions and views are being sought and weighed in decision making. We teach the vast majority of classes, hold the most load hours,  and provide the vast majority of services in the counseling and library.  We are more than a blip.