about the Adjunct Faculty Organization (AFO)

    1. When and how do I join the Union?
      1. An adjunct faculty member must have taught a minimum of three credit hours for three consecutive semesters, not counting summersbefore joining.
      2. During the 3rdconsecutive semester, you are permitted to join.
      3. Many adjuncts join by signing up at the Union’s display in James Lumber Lobby for the Fall Orientation and near the information center for the Spring Orientation.
      4. Better yet, contact an officer. (See Contact Us tab on this webpage).
    2. How much are the dues and when do they get deducted from my paycheck?
      1. If you are making more than $5120/semester then you will pay 1/4 dues per semester (Fall & Spring only). Otherwise, you will pay 1/8 dues.
      2. For 2021-2022, 1/8 are $93.75/semester. and 1/4 dues is $144.09/semester.
      3. The amount is deducted starting on the 3rdpaycheck, and spread out evenly over the remaining paychecks.
      4. For other questions regarding dues deductions, contact Karen Florian at kflorian@clcillinois.edu

  1. What are some benefits of joining the Union?
    1. Union members get representation with disputes (disciplinary action) with their Deans.
    2. If a student files a criminal case against you and the and you are found innocent, then the Union picks up some or all of your expenses.
    3. Union members express their views about issues to be bargained and vote to ratify contracts.
    4. Members also benefit from expert guidance when a dispute becomes a formal grievance
    5. Union membership provides access to supplemental medical insurance, pet insurance, Professional Liability insurance, AD & D insurance, discounts on hotels, car rentals, restaurants and magazines.
  2. What is a “Good Faith” offer?
    1. According to Article 4 of the CBA, those adjuncts who have taught at least 3 credit hours for six semesters since Fall 2000, are entitled to a “good faith” class assignment.
    2. This means that qualifying adjuncts are guaranteed of a “good faith offer” of a minimum of a 3 credit hour assignment:
      1. at a convenient time and day for the adjunct during the following semester (Fall or Spring), and
      2. if his/her Adjunct Preference Form (APF) is submitted on time. (deadlines noted at bottom of Form and by email reminders).
    3. Assignments to all other adjuncts are made after the good faith assignments.
  3. How do I let my Department Coordinator know which classes, days, times, etc., I would like to teach?
    1. Your Division office will send out, via e-mail and/or first class mail, a Adjunct Preference Form (APF) each semester to those who qualify for a good faith offer, It is imperative that you use your CLC e-mail!
    2. On that form you will indicate your preferred days, times, classes, etc.
  4. Is there a deadline for submitting the Adjunct Preference Form (APF)?
    1. YES. Adjuncts eligible for a good faith offer must submit a APF for the Fall and Spring semesters no later than the Friday of the 3rd week of the preceding Spring or Fall semester respectively
    2. Failure of the adjunct to submit the APF by the required dates absolves the college of having to make an assignment. Your Union cannot help you if you miss the dates.
  5. Am I entitled to any paid leave?
    1. YES. Each adjunct faculty member is allowed 2 sick/personal leave day each Fall and Spring semester and 1 day during the Summer session.
    2. Each adjunct faculty is eligible for 5 consecutive calendar days leave for each death in the immediate family beginning on the day of the next regular class.
    3. Jury duty are extra leave days as required by law.
    4. You can get extra leave to attend conferences with the approval of your dean. You must give your dean at least 2 weeks notice.
    5. If you are on a Search committee you can get extra leave days off with the approval of your dean.
    6. Leaves are non-cumulative (See Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 6)
  6. If I’m entitled to a PhD, MD, etc. stipend, when do I receive it?
    1. The stipend normally comes with or after the last paycheck of the semester.
    2. Your transcripts in HR must indicate that you have received the appropriate degree.
    3. This semester, HR will generate the stipend instead of the individual departments.
    4. This stipend sunsets at the end of Spring 2021.
  7. Must I attend Fall and Spring In-Service Meetings?
    1. Yes, attending the adjunct in-service meetings each semester have always been an adjunct’s responsibility.
    2. The college will pay a $50 stipend for attendance at the Fall and Spring in-service meetings.
  8. Does the CBA provide for Professional Development Reimbursement?
    1. Yes, the CBA created a fund of $30,000/year
    2. This fund is shared by all Divisions.
    3. There is a special form to fill out (see Q#13).
  9. What are the Rules regarding Professional Development Reimbursement?
    1. Adjuncts are reimbursed 100% of required packaged event fees (usually registration fees, room and board plus mileage) up to a $1300 limit subject to contractual limits. (See Article 3 of you contract for details.) if you are a GFO adjunct.
    2. There is a form that you need to submit to your Dean prior to attending the conference, and then to HR with registration receipts after you have attended.
      1. Form is available on the intranet under Adjunct Faculty Resources.
      2. Form is also available in division offices.
  10. What should I do if I think I’m going to be disciplined? What are my Weingarten rights?
    1. Briefly, if you feel that a discussion with college administrators could lead to discipline or termination, or have some effect on your working conditions, you may ask that the discussion be stopped, and request union representation at the meeting.
    2. These are your Weingarten rights

Contacting Union officers:

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