The Budget 2016-2017

Revenue Budget
Dues $6,900.00
Beginning Balance $14,573.23
Total Revenue $21,563.23
Officer Stipends $2,200.00
Taxes and Bank Fees $283.00
Dues Reimbursement $960.00
Division Representative Stipends $600.00
Webmaster $400.00
Meeting Expenses $750.00
Misc. Office Supplies $780.00
Defense Funds $14,573.00
Misc.  Expenses
Total Expenses $20,546.00
Total Income-expenses $1,017.23

about the Adjunct Faculty Organization (AFO)

    1. When and how do I join the Union?
      1. An adjunct faculty member must have taught a minimum of three credit hours for three consecutive semesters, not counting summersbefore joining.
      2. During the 3rdconsecutive semester, you are permitted to join.
      3. Many adjuncts join by signing up at the Union’s display in James Lumber Lobby for the Fall Orientation and near the information center for the Spring Orientation.
      4. Better yet, contact an officer. (See Contact Us tab on this webpage).
    2. How much are the dues and when do they get deducted from my paycheck?
      1. If you are making more than $5120/semester then you will pay 1/4 dues per semester (Fall & Spring only). Otherwise, you will pay 1/8 dues.
      2. For 2021-2022, 1/8 are $93.75/semester. and 1/4 dues is $144.09/semester.
      3. The amount is deducted starting on the 3rdpaycheck, and spread out evenly over the remaining paychecks.
      4. For other questions regarding dues deductions, contact Karen Florian at

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