Know Your CBA: Personal Leave

Welcome back for the fall semester! This year we will take a look at some of the provisions of our contract. Since we are beginning a new year, this is a good time to review Personal Leave.

1. How many sick days do we get?

We don’t.  At least not technically. Article 6.A of the CBA grants adjuncts “Personal Leave”.  Each adjunct gets one non-cumulative work day absence each semester without loss of pay for illness of the adjunct or to attend to important personal matters which cannot be handled during non-working hours. If you’ve taught ten semesters (fall and spring only) during or after Fall 2000 you are allowed one additional, non-cumulative day each academic year which can be used in the Fall or Spring semester.

Tell your Dean, Associate Dean or Director asap if you plan to use a personal day. If you fail to do that you may lose compensation for that day, unless it is a verified emergency.

Please note that personal days, as per the definition above, are not vacation days. Failure to use your personal days in a responsible manner may lead your supervisor to regard you in less than a professional light. Remember that when we sign the Teaching Assignment form at the outset of the semester, we are committing to teaching, to being there for our students.

2. OK, you’re sick and need a sub.

Article 3.F. says that the adjunct is to notify his/her Dean, Associate Dean or Director. The adjunct is encouraged, but not required, to propose a substitute.  The appropriate administrator must be notified in advance and approve of the substitute. Subs are paid $45/credit hour.

As an aside, unless it is an emergency, the adjunct requesting the sub should provide a lesson plan and materials. This is not in the contract, but it says something about us as professionals.

3. What other kinds of leave do we get?

Article 6 provides for Bereavement Leave, Jury Duty Leave, Military Leave, Professional Meeting Leave and Leave for Conducting College Business. See the CBA for details. Don’t have a copy? View it on this website, CLC Intranet, or contact Kaarin Engstrom, Faculty Coordinator, in HR for a copy.

Disclaimer: The above article is not a complete representation of all the terms and conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Please refer to same for further information and details.