Get Involved

We invite and welcome not only your input, but your active participation. There are many different ways you can participate.

Authorization Cards

If you would like to be part of bargaining process – giving ideas to be bargained on in this next contract and voting on that contact, be sure to have your Union authorization card signed.

Also, the CBA negotiated by the CLC-AFO protects all eligible adjuncts at CLC. Nevertheless, there are many reasons to become a member of your union by signing an Authorization Card and sending it to our office. You may stop by the union office in Gurnee and sign a card at the reception desk, or you may contact the union and we will arrange to give you a card or pick up your signed card.

Only members may hold union offices and appointments, vote for and nominate others for offices, and gain the benefits offered by the IFT, AFT, and AFL-CIO.