CLC-AFO By-Laws Revision – Action Needed

The CLC-AFO officers have completed a revision of our by-laws. We have had this project on our to-do list for quite some time, but COVID-19 bargaining derailed our efforts. Given that the LCFT revised its by-laws, we aligned our by-laws with theirs and also made some revisions that we felt were needed. In order to operate under these new by-laws, the membership must ratify them. We will schedule some information sharing meetings followed by ratification meetings to effect these new by-laws. Please read the draft of the by-laws, so we can address any questions you may have.

Randi Weingarten Letter to Local 504 Members

Randi Weingarten recently sent a letter to all members of Lake County Federation of Teachers (LCFT) to alert you to an investigation of our Local 504.  This investigation included an audit of our finances, which found some areas for improvement, which the Local has been addressing.  The efforts of the local to change the processes did not satisfy the complaint made by Local 504’s Treasurer and the President and the Grievance Chair of the Warren Council who initiated the investigation.  The complainants asked that our Local be placed under a trusteeship where the AFT will effectively take over the Local.  The hearing this week will determine if AFT will take over the Local.

Our Council, CLC-AFO, is in sound financial shape as you saw at our meeting in August. We have completely transparent records and all expenditures as well as our budget are approved by the membership.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  In the meantime, we will keep you posted on the progress of this ongoing process.

CLC – Employee COVID-19 Self-Certification & Verification

Dear Members of CLC-AFO, 
Yesterday (Thursday, 7/29) at 7:45 pm, the College sent an email titled “Compliance Deadline Reminder”.  The directions will take you to a link where you can read a form entitled, “Employee COVID-19 Self-Certification and Verification (Custom)”.  
Please know that our Union was not consulted about this form/requirement before CLC sent that email.   
The College asks that you read the form and click the box indicating your agreement.  The initial view of the form indicates that it is “Past due” but later on shows that it is not due until August 14.
I am asking you to WAIT!!  Please do not check that box yet. Please give me a chance to research the implications of checking that box.    I promise to get back to you before August 10. (which is well before the due date of August 14). 
I am sure some of you will have read the form and checked the box already.  Rest assured, I will research this from both sides and get that information also. 

Thank you.

Karen Florian, President CLC-AFO